Koleksinya kereeen, harga terjangkau, kualitas bagus, thank you Alyn Tapis

~ Rani ~

Mode ethnique de Lampung, Indonésie. Créer un tissu de Lampung est un cadeau unique, ethnique et élégant. Recommander

~ Joane ~

The product is amazingly unique and classy, ​​creating traditional Lampung fabrics into a contemporary and modern product, a unique brand from Lampung, Indonesia. highly recommend

~ Anne ~

Pengiriman cepat, recomended

~ Mr J ~

Kualitas bagus, desain unik, eksklusif, pengiriman cepat

~ Tya ~

Produknya unik, kualitas bagus, sesuai gambar, recomended

~ Umi ~

Produknya keren, etnik dan eksklusif. Recomended

~ Vivi ~

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